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End of Semester Awards

As you all know, we have awards that are handed out at the end of the semester that have been chosen by your Head Guards, Graduate Assistant, and Julie. This year we decided to let you guys nominate one another for these awards. 

If you are nominating someone, please make sure to include a detailed description of why you think that person should receive the award. If you are wanting to nominate more than one person, you will need to submit separate forms for each one.

The awards you can nominate someone for are as follows:

  • Above and Beyond the Call of Duty 
  • Excellence in Customer Service
  • Most Improved LGI
  • Most Improved WSI
  • MVL (Most Valuable Lifeguard)
  • MVM (Most Valuable Maintenancer)
  • Perseverance Award
  • Rookie of the Semester
  • Senior Guard of the Semester
  • WSI of the Semester
  • LGI of the Semester
  • Overall Aquatics & Safety Employee of the Year (spring only)

Happy nominating! 

Award(s) you're nominating them for (check all that apply): *