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Information about being a Texas State Lifeguard

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Video about being a lifeguard at Texas State

About working with Aquatics & Safety

General Information:

BEFORE APPLYING please read the below information to help make sure this is a job you would value. All staff are hired as lifeguards; some obtain additional job assignments as swim instructors and/or American Red Cross instructors in CPR, First Aid and Lifeguarding.

Job descriptions:


Swim Instructor

ARC Instructor

If hired you will be required to attend the following (exact dates & times given below):

  • Skills Testing - All of your lifeguarding skills will be tested every semester; it is 4 hours, unpaid and considered part of the interview/re-interview process.  If you need to be re-certified and/or need to be trained in the new American Red Cross materials, a lifeguard re-certification will take the place of skills testing.
  • New Guard Orientation - a 6 hour orientation to being a lifeguard at Texas State
  • If hired as a swim instructor or ARC instructor you will have additional meetings every semester.  All swim instructors and ARC instructors work as lifeguards as well.
  • In-service trainings will be held once a week. These trainings are MANDATORY. If you cannot make these trainings, we are unable to hire you.
If hired you must:
  • Work a minimum of 10 hours a week and a maximum of 25 hours a week per University policy. Some exceptions apply to maximum hours for instructors.  Over the summer you can work up to 35 hours IF you are not in classes.
  • Produce an ORIGINAL (originals only!) one of the following:
o   A driver’s license and social security card
o   Birth certificate
o   Passport
  •  Have and keep a GPA of 2.25 or higher throughout employment
  • Be currently certified in order to work a shift. No exceptions. We offer certifications at cheap prices but not for free.
  • Be willing to work early morning shifts (starting as early as 5:45am) and perform maintenance/cleaning tasks.
  • Be enrolled in 6 hours of classes.  If not taking classes over the summer, you must be enrolled in the fall semester.

Who & Where we Lifeguard:

  • We lifeguard at two facilities; Aqua Sports Center and SRC Natatorium. During the summer we also lifeguard at Sewell Park and Rio Vista.
  • We guard swim lessons, open swim, sport club practices (Swim team, triathlon and water polo) and some academic classes. Pools are “boring”. Not a lot of action; primarily lap swimming.

If hired as a swim instructor:

  • You must attend mandatory orientation meetings and in-services (in addition to lifeguard inservices)
  • Be willing to teach One on One (private) lessons
  • If assigned a group lesson class you must teach all lessons.

Miscellaneous info:

  • New lifeguards start off at $9.50 an hour during the fall and spring.  It goes up to $10.50 an hour during the summer to compete with local pools.
  • One lifeguard bathing suit will be provided; must only wear our brand/style.
  • Texas State lifeguard t-shirt is provided; can only wear provided t-shirts.
  • No jewelry may be worn while on duty for safety purposes.
  • A whistle will be provided, but any whistle on a breakaway lanyard can be worn.
  • We have high expectations of our staff. They are not allowed to do anything on stand other than surveillance. Skills are frequently tested and guards will be removed from schedule if their current skill level is not at the level we want it to be.
  • We are highly peer lead. You must be willing to accept and respect the leadership from your peers.
  • EVERYBODY does maintenance of some kind. If you feel you are too good for that; this is not the job for you.
  • Majority of semester operates of a permanent schedule in which you will be assigned shifts according to your availability. During the first few weeks of school, finals, and holidays you will sign up for the shifts you can work, however, you will be asked to work a minimum number of hours during those times.
  • Lifeguards are responsible for finding their own subs.


Specific Spring 2018 INFORMATION:

Interview date: Friday, December 8th 9am-12pm


We strongly prefer candidates who are currently certified with the American Red Cross. If you are not certified with the American Red Cross you will have to obtain your American Red Cross certification before beginning work. We do offer the course for a reduced fee for staff, however the next course we are offering will not be until mid October so you will need to look for classes offered elsewhere in ordered to be hired for the Fall 2017 semester if you are not currently certified.

We also give preference to candidates who are certified Water Safety Instructors by the American Red Cross and are available in the evenings when we run our group lessons.


Mandatory Training Dates:

If hired, it is mandatory to attend the following:

New Guard Orientation

Wednesday, January 10th 8am-1pm & additional dates/times if needed

All Staff Orientation

Friday, January 12th 1pm-3pm

Skills Testing Day

Thursday, January 11th 8am-12pm *LGI's and Head Guards ONLY*

Friday, January. 12th 8am-12pm *regular staff*


Tuesdays 9-10pm


We are not offering any Lifeguarding Certification classes before the start of the Spring semester.  However, you are welcome to take a class from another American Red Cross provider/at another location if you would like to be considered for a position for the Spring 2018 semester.  If you are interested in a job for the Summer 2018 semester but are not currently certified, the next class we will be holding is in March. 

Even if you are not hired, you are welcome to take our classes at discounted rates. Registration can be found here:

If you have read the above information and feel that this job would be a good fit for you, click here to apply.