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Graduate Assistant of Aquatics & Safety

The Aquatics & Safety graduate assistant is responsible for overseeing various aspects of the Aquatics & Safety Program. They will be highly involved in programming and facility aspects of Campus Recreation including, but not limited to, personnel management, fiscal management, and risk management.They will also be expected to participate in Professional Development activities and collaborate with staff from all Campus Recreation program areas and several other departments on and off campus. For more information candidates should contact Julie Saldiva, Assistant Director of Aquatics & Safety at or call the Texas State Department of Campus Recreation at 512.245.2392

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Past Graduate Assistants and their testimonies:

Richelle HarveyRichelle Harvey

Aquatics & Safety Graduate Assistant 2012-2014


I arrived in Texas State Campus Rec with leadership skills through facilities and sports clubs and basic administration skills but no formal aquatics leadership positions. Julie quickly began to teach me everything I would need to know to run my own aquatics programs and be a successful recreation professional. During my time at Texas State, a combination of clear expectations, high standards, and continuous support shaped my critical thinking skills, on my feet problem-solving skills, and helped me to cultivate a sense of professionalism and pride in my passion for student development and leadership. I can confidently say my time as the Graduate Assistant of Aquatics & Safety was a critically essential part of my success as I entered the field of Campus Recreation. Just a few of the critical skills I honed were budgeting, staff training & development, data analysis, social media marketing, and research and development of new programs and aquatics offerings. The single most important experience was learning to work with a widely diverse group of students, peers, and professionals.

Richelle Harvey Texas State Campus Recreation and more specifically Julie Saldiva created a safe, encouraging environment to learn and grow, but also to try new ideas, fail, and try again. These experiences have helped me build aquatics programs at American University in Washington, DC and now at Western   Washington University.




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Taylor Caphsaw

Graduate Assistant of Aquatics & Safety 2014-2016

Current contact info:

UTSA - Assistant Director Aquatics
Phone: 210.458.6727


Personal testimony coming soon!

Jenn Radford

Aquatics & Safety Graduate Assistant 2016-2018 (current)Jenn Radford

I actually became part of the Texas State Aquatics & Safety family in 2012 as an undergraduate student. I started out as a lifeguard and swim instructor and eventually worked my way up to an LGI, Senior Guard, and finally Head Guard of American Red Cross. I originally came to Texas State Campus Recreation extremely apprehensive of my lifeguarding skills and also unsure of my career goals. With the mentorship of the professionals here, especially Julie Saldiva, I not only worked my way up to hold a leadership position but also found my place in recreation. After a short time out in the “real world” I had the incredible opportunity to come back and continue my education as a Graduate Assistant with Aquatics & Safety. I am grateful that I was able to continue learning and developing skills with the Texas State Campus Recreation family.

Working as the Aquatics & Safety Graduate Assistant has pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to grow in ways I would not have otherwise. I was able to develop and refine the necessary skills to succeed while having the guidance and support of professionals who were invested in me along the way. Most notably, I now have a deeper understanding of the value of communication and how to connect with staff, peers, and supervisors in a way that creates a positive and productive work environment- something I can take with me wherever I go. Both the professional and the human being that I am today can be partially credited to my time with Texas State Campus Recreation. No matter where I end up I know that this job and the people I have met along the way have prepared me to be successful.

Jenn doing the butterflyEat em up cats!

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