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Student Memberships

Students enrolled on campus at Texas State during a semester pay the Campus Recreation Fee and are automatically members of Campus Recreation, they receive full benefits by presenting their ID when entering the Student Recreation Center or the Aqua Sports Center. Students not enrolled in a summer session are required to purchase a SRC membership for that session.

A student taking a semester off may be eligible to purchase a continuing student semester membership if they are in good standing with the University. These students must present proof of previous semester completion and plan to enroll in the following semester. This membership is limited to one semester and can be purchased from the front desk of the SRC.

*Access to group exercise classes is an additional fee.


Non-Student Memberships

Membership to Texas State Campus Recreation facilities is restricted to the University community. If you are unsure of your classification status and would like to become a member of the SRC at Texas State, contact our office at (512) 245-2392 or come by and see us at the Student Recreation Center. Memberships can either be purchased at the front desk of the SRC or via Payroll Deduction during certain times of the year.



  • Faculty/Staff - Current benefit eligible employees of Texas State (50% FTE or greater) or retired employees. Payroll deduction is available at certain times of the year; all Faculty/Staff will be emailed when it is available.
  • Texas State graduate - Degree holder from Texas State. Proof must be shown at the SRC.
  • Spouse/Other - Spouse or domestic partner (with proof shown at the SRC) of a student, faculty, staff or Texas State graduate or a child 18 years of age or older residing in the same household. Only one individual may be sponsored in this category.
  • Dependent - 16 years of age or older child residing in the same household. Adult dependents (age 16-25) of current students, faculty & staff members.
  • Continuing student - Individual with proof of previous semester enrollment and is planning to enroll in the following semester.

Expiration Dates for Memberships and Locker Rentals:

Spring ’17                                               June 4, 2017

Summer’ 17                                           August 27, 2017

Fall ’17                                                  January 15, 2018

Spring '18                                               June 3, 2018



Each guest that enters the Student Recreation Center must have a current member with them to be their sponsor for the day. Daily guest fees are $3 for patrons 3-15 years old and $6 for patrons 16 and older.


Faculty/Staff/Texas State Graduate/Spouse


Full Year
Continuing Student
One Semester Only


There is an additional $20 card fee for members who do not have a current Texas State ID. These members will also need to go to ID Services to obatin their ID once they have purchased their membership/card with us.

*Access to group exercise classes is an additional fee.

Membership Terms

Memberships may be purchased two different ways, semesterly or annually. Semester memberships cover only one academic semester: Fall, Spring, full Summer, or each Summer session. Each semester a student is enrolled, there is a $94 recreation fee. Summer fees vary on enrollment status. Annual memberships run for a full calendar year. Regardless of when an individual purchases a membership renewal, it does not go into effect until the previous membership has expired.

All Membership fees are not pro-rated or refundable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Student Membership Questions and Answers

Can my friend use my ID to enter the SRC?

No, anyone found using someone elses ID will be asked to leave the facility. The fraudulent ID will be confiscated and can be retrieved from the Assistant Director of Informal during a scheduled meeting.

What if I forget my ID?

The Student Recreation Center now has a biometric hand scanning system. You can register your hand at the SRC front desk to gain access to the facility. This eliminates the need to have your ID when you come to the Rec.

Where do I park to come to the SRC?

We encourage SRC patrons to incorporate their trip to the facility as part of their workout by walking, jogging or biking to the SRC. Campus shuttles are also available. The Speck Parking garage is open to provide additional parking for our growing campus.  The Speck purple commuter and Family and Consumer Sciences red restricted lots open up for all parking permits after 5pm.

A valid University parking permit must be displayed to park on campus.

What if I am student teaching or I am not paying on-campus fees, but still enrolled as a student?

In these cases you were not billed the campus recreation semester fee on your tuition bill. You will need to purchase a semester membership to the SRC from the front desk. Proof of enrollment will be required.

Non-Student Membership Questions and Answers

What proof is required to purchase a membership?

For faculty and staff, their University ID and number are all that’s required. Spouses and dependents need their sponsor’s ID and proof of marriage (marriage license, pre-printed checks, etc). Graduates must present their diploma, transcript, or letter from the registrar.

My son or daughter attends Texas State, may I purchase a membership?

If you are a Texas State employee or graduate you are eligible for membership. Your son or daughter however may not sponsor a parental membership as they are not your legal sponsor and membership is restricted to the immediate University community.

My membership expires at the end of the semester or month, may I renew early?

Yes, renewals may be purchased prior to the expiration date and the new membership period will not begin until the day after the old expiration date.

I’m faculty or staff at the University, but only want to come in periodically without purchasing a semester membership, may I do this?

Faculty and staff may purchase a daily entrance pass for $6 if they show proof of eligibility, their University ID.

Questions or concerns about memberships? Contact us at 512-245-2392 or at