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Class Descriptions


• Group Exercise pass required for all classes and must be shown to the instructor unless specified as free.

o Unlimited Pass ($60) - allows you to attend ALL classes

o Guest Pass ($4) - allows you to attend any class of your choice one time only

• Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for all yoga classes. Participants arriving late may not be admitted to class.

• Towel and water required for all cycle classes. Class limited to the first 20 participants.

• Classes may be cancelled during the semester due to low attendance.



Bobcat Challenge – This Specialty Program focuses on every aspect of Fitness- Strength, Speed, Power, Endurance, and Flexibility. *Extra Cost $* (M/HL)

Arms & Abs – Tone your upper body and abs in this shortened 30 minutes express sculpt class. (M/L)

Guts & Glutes – Work your abs, buns, and thighs in this shortened 30 minutes express sculpt class. (M/L)

Cats Crunch - Get your CORE in shape! This class will focus on your core emphasizing abdominal and lower back muscles. (M/L)

Cycle Express – Don’t have much time for a workout? This class is for you! This shortened cycle class offers a great workout including climbs, sprints and much more in half the time. (M/L)

Sunday Cycle – Need a workout to start off your week, or work off the weekend? Join us for this 30- minute cycle class to elevate your heart rate and shred calories! (M/L)

Cycle Fit – Bring your cycle workout indoors for climbs, sprints, and much more. This class is designed to elevate your heart rate and push your intensity level to the max! (M/L)

Cycle 45 – This 45-minute cycle workout gives a variety of climbs, sprints, and much more. This class is designed to elevate your heart rate and push your intensity level to the max! (M/L)

Pump & Pedal- A combination of 30 minutes of cardio cycle training and 30 minutes of full-body strength and resistance training using a variety of equipment for an awesome workout! (M/L)

Max Out- Push it to the extreme with this new full body workout. Combine strength and resistance training with high intensity cardiovascular training while using a variety of equipment. (M/HL)

Kickboxing - Integrate punches, kicks, and plyometric drills into this high intensity cardiovascular workout. (H/H)

Synrgy360 - Sweat your way through agility drills, circuits and intervals on our Synrgy360 Playground. Utilize each piece of equipment for a total body strength and cardio class. (H/HL)

TRXTREME - TRX suspension training will challenge your entire body using a combination of unique movements interspersed with heart pumping cardio. Simultaneously develop strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability. ALL fitness levels welcome. (H/HL)

HIIT – HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. Get ready for a great cardio workout that will also tone those muscles utilizing the step, BOSU, jump rope, medicine balls and more. All fitness levels welcome! (H/HL)

HIIT the Step – A combination of fun heart pumping cardio drills intermixed with fun routines on the step that will leave you sweaty and satisfied. (H/HL)

Total Body Toning - This highly efficient, full body workout is designed to target all your major muscle groups through strength training. This class utilizes a variety of equipment including weights, resistance bands, body bars, BOSU and more! (M/L)

Step & Sculpt – A mixture of step combos, step intervals and sculpting exercises to make the perfect balanced workout. (H/HL)

Total Dance Fitness- Shake and shimmy to various styles of music with this fun, high energy dance party. We’ll have you sweating with simple, easy to follow dance moves. All fitness levels welcome. (H/H)

Zumba - Get your body moving with this HOT Latin-inspired workout. Fun and easy to do moves will get your heart pumping. Ditch the workout, join the party! (M/HL)

Dance Cardio Party – Join the most unique dance party around which includes a variety of different formats such as Hip-Hop, Total Dance Fitness and Zumba! (M/HL)

Pilates Express- Learn the basic principles and movements of Pilates mat training. Focus on the development of core control, muscle strength and overall flexibility. Challenge your mind and your body to achieve a balance of breath work and strengthening movements. (M/L)

Power Pilates- Take your Pilates to the next level with this 60 minute Pilates class that challenges your core, muscle strength, and Flexibility! (M/L)

Rec Yoga - Connect your body, mind, and spirit in this multiple level Yoga class. This class is a combination of breathing, strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation techniques. (M/L)

Yoga II - This intermediate to advanced level class will take your yoga practice to the next level. Expect active lengthening, strengthening, core stability and balance. Previous yoga experience encouraged. (H/L)

Yoga 75 - This 75-minute class is for those would like to further develop their practice. Participants will explore greater depth in each pose, build up to more challenging variations and transitions and enjoy a 15-minute meditation. (M/L)

Power Yoga- This class is made to take you through all phases of Yoga-strength, balance, posture, flexibility, and core endurance! Come join us to sweat, balance, and breathe! (H/L)

Yoga In The Park (NEW!): Come join us out at Sewell Park for a relaxing evening Yoga class to enjoy the breeze and get some fresh air while working on your balance and flexibility! (M/L)

CATS CIRCUIT(NEW!)- This 45-minute total body circuit training class incorporates athletic-style training with cardio intervals to give you a calorie-shredding workout! (M/HL)

Last Call Cycle!(NEW!)- Last call for Cycle! Join us in this FREE 45-minute cycle class that will journey through hills, sprints, and POWER! (M/L)

Last Call Toning!(NEW!)- This FREE class is made to give you a highly efficient, full body workout in only 30 minutes! This class utilizes a variety of equipment including weights, resistance bands, body bars, BOSU and more! (M/L)

Last Call Cardio!(NEW!)- This FREE 45-minute class is designed to give you a total body cardio burn to help shred calories while having fun! This class utilizes a variety of cardio formats, including HIIT, Step, and more! (H/HL)

Last Call HIIT!(NEW!)- Join us in this FREE 30-minute class that focuses on elevating your heart rate with High Intensity Interval Training! (H/H)


The following is a scale to determine class intensity:

M/L= Mid Intensity, Low Impact M/HL=Mid Intensity, Hi/Low Impact H/L = High Intensity, Low Impact H/HL = High Intensity, Hi/Low Impact H/H = High Intensity, High Impact