Outdoor Center

Welcome to the Texas State Outdoor Center!

OC Staff Front Desk

We are located in Sewell Park and are your headquarters to Outdoor Recreation! 


At the Outdoor Center you can: 

  • Sign up for an Adventure Trip Program
  • Make a University Camp Reservation
  • Reserve Sewell Park for a student organization event
  • Rent camping, boating or tubing equipment


The Outdoor Center will resume regular hours of 12pm-6pm every day..

Current Outdoor Center Hours:

  • Sunday: noon - 6pm
  • Monday: noon - 6pm
  • Tuesday: noon - 6pm
  • Wednesday: noon - 6pm
  • Thursday: noon - 6pm
  • Friday: noon - 6pm
  • Saturday: noon - 6pm

Contact us: 

  • (512) 245 - 2004
  • OutdoorCenter@txstate.edu


Canoe and Sewell


Canoe and Outdoor Center