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Sewell Park Regulations

1. All individuals and organization members in the park must leave park in acceptable condition. All trash and litter must be placed in containers provided in containers provided for such use. The restroom, surrounding grounds, and other facilities must be picked up before each group departs.

2. Reserving individuals and organizations will be held financially responsible for any damage or theft of Sewell property which occurs while they are using the park.

3. A sponsor or designated group representative must be present whenever the park is reserved, and a member of the reserving group is using it.

4. Pets, glass containers, and alcohol are not allowed in Sewell Park.

5. All swimming or water activities are at the risk of the individual. All groups that include children (under age of 10) that are planning on swimming must pay for the services of lifeguards at the current hourly rate.

6. No diving or jumping is permitted from bridges or trees. Please use steps/handrails to enter the water.

7. If vehicles must enter the park, they should do so one at a time using the assistance of the Outdoor Center Staff. Vehicles must stay off grass. Vehicles may park on the slab for loading and unloading purposed only, and should be moved out of the park at all times.

8. Security personnel are required for larger groups and concerts. Security requirements will be determined at the discretion of the Assistant Director of Outdoor Recreation and the University Police Department.

9. All event must end by 11pm on weekdays, 12 midnight on Friday or Saturday.