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Rules & Regulations

  1. The reserver will be responsible to see that all rules are followed by all members of his/her group.
  2. The reserver must be present at the camp for the duration of the reservation.
  3. Lodge users must sweep & mop, wipe off all kitchen surfaces/tables and take out trash before vacating.
  4. WEEKEND POLICY: Reservations of Lodges or Campsites involving Friday, Saturday or Sunday must reserve the entire weekend. (Friday 3pm - Sunday 2pm; 2 nights' charge minimum)
  5. NO dogs or pets.
  6. NO littering. Ring tabs and cigarette butts are litter.
  7. NO GLASS ALLOWED! Jars, beer, soda, etc.
  8. NO GUNS or FIREWORKS of any kind (BB guns, pellet guns, etc.) NO HUNTING!
  9. NO SMOKING! Texas State University is a tobacco-free campus.
  13. NO KEGS or large quantities of alcoholic punch or beverages.
  14. NO PUBLIC NUDITY or suggestive and lewd behavior.
  15. NO CUTTING DOWN TREES, bushes, etc. No saws or axes. Gathering of firewood is prohibited.
  16. FIRES may be started only in designated areas with fire pits. All fires must be attended. When this is not possible, each fire must be completely extinguished. Fires are not allowed during burn bans.
  17. Friends or guests of reserver are prohibited from entering the camp from non-authorized entrances. These include access from across the river or adjacent property.
  18. NO TRESPASSING ON NON-UNIVERSITY PROPERTY. Property across the river is private. Violators will be subject to prosecution.
  19. NO MOVING FURNITURE from inside to outside/outside to inside or from one campsite to another.
  20. Unattended gate must be locked at all times. Do not hide the key!
  21. SPEED LIMIT IS 20 MPH (speed bumps).
  22. All cars must be parked in designated areas only. Two cars are the limit per campsite. Cars for campsites 1-3 must park in Day Use spots.
  23. Day Use and all non-overnight guests must leave camp by 9:00pm. Day Use guests may arrive at 9:00am.
  24. QUIET HOURS are 9pm to 8am. Loud guests or groups will be asked to leave the camp.
  25. Lodges and campsites must be vacated by 2pm on Sunday and 12 noon if reservation ends on any other day.
  26. Accommodation Limits: Beretta Lodge (accommodates 20), Jeffersonian Lodge (accommodates 14), Each campsite accommodates 8, Day Use (accommodates 6) . Exceeding capacity is $50/person.
  27. The key must be returned to the office the day following the reservation or dropped in the key return tube at the gate when leaving the camp. A fee of $10 per day will be charged for keys turned in late. Lost keys will cost $115 per key - NO EXCEPTIONS.
  28. Rule infractions will be assessed by the Outdoor Recreation Coordinator. Fines will be incurred for rule infractions. Fines will be based on the degree of the rule violation. Fines are to be paid at the Outdoor Center.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Any cancellations made prior to ten (10) days before the reservation date will be charged a $20.00 processing fee. Customers who cancel their reservation within ten (10) days prior to the reservation date, will forfeit their reservation fees. No refunds will be issued due to inclement weather.