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Sport Clubs


Texas State has 29 different Sport Clubs to choose from. Sport Clubs are open to all Texas State students of any skill level and offer the opportunity to compete with other colleges throughout the great state of Texas and nationally. All Sport Clubs are competitive in nature, with an emphasis on participation, skill development and student leadership.

The philosophy of the Sport Clubs Program is to support the best elements of competition, instruction and recreation by providing the opportunity for all students to participate and excel in a team setting.

It's easy to get involved! Choose any sport club from our list of clubs, stop by our office in the Student Recreation Center, call us at 512-245-1791, or email us at for more information.


Interested in joining a club? Contact one of the club presidents listed below:

Sport Club President Email
Baseball Nicholas Easley
Cycling Emily Beaudoin
Disc Golf Joey Zekos
Equestrian Megan Maguire
Fencing Ezra Sanchez
Football Daniel Brinker
Gymnastics Shelby Olsson
Ice Hockey Dominic Girard
Men's Lacrosse Hunter Kimmerle
Women's Lacrosse Katarina Schaefer
Quidditch Brigid Rhoden
Racquetball Matthew Campbell
Men's Rugby Michael Meyer
Women's Rugby Valeria Chavez
   Men's Soccer Cody Amaris
Women's Soccer Amber Garcia
Swim Christian Duarte
Tennis Tristan Thomas
Triathlon Juan Uribe
Men's Ultimate Disc Benjamin Arnecke
Women's Ultimate Disc Erin Bostick
Men's Volleyball Benjamin Simon
Women's Volleyball Mckenna Munsch
Women's Water Polo Melissa Kolowicz
Men's Water Polo Brian Silvestri 
Wakeboard Jack Guenther
Water Ski Cyndel Campbell
Wrestling Noah Villemarette
Weightlifting Courtney Royston