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Graduate Assistant Professional Development

Graduate Assistants (GAs) play in important role in the delivery of Campus Recreation Services to the students of Texas State! GAs help students transition from high school to college and from student to young professionals. GAs share a passion for helping others succeed. The GAs get the opportunity to travel annual to different university's campus recreation centers. There are a total of 11 GAs on staff here in 8 different program areas:

  • Aquatics and Safety (1)
  • Fitness and Wellness (2)
  • Intramural Sports (2)
  • Marketing (1)
  • Outdoor Recreation (2)
  • Sport Clubs (1)
  • Student Success (1)
  • Facility Operation (1)

Mock Interviews

All students can benefit from practicing interview skills. Practice will help you reduce anxiety and gain important feedback on how you interview.

Grad Activity

A group activity that allows the GA's to team bond during the year.