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FAQ's for SRC Natatorium

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  • Unfortunately we cannot remain open 100% of the time that the SRC is open due to cost in operations as well as necessary maintenance and in-services that must be held while pools are closed.

  • No, Texas law prohibits this. We must have a minimum of two certified lifeguards on duty any time anybody enters the water.

  • Although chlorine is a strong pool disinfectant, it can't tackle everything! By rinsing your body before entering the water, you're removing sweat, lotions, sunscreen, bacteria and organic matter that would mix with the carefully balanced water chemistry. This means the chlorine in the pool won’t have to work as hard, and more illnesses can be prevented.

  • As much as we encourage guests to train hard, when you engage in extensive breath holding training, you can easily put yourself at risk for shallow water blackout- regardless if you're a pro or a newbie swimmer.

    Shallow Water Blackout is an underwater “faint” due to a lack of oxygen to the brain brought on by holding your breath for long periods of time. Without immediate rescue, the swimmer quickly drowns; or, more formally:

    “Shallow Water Blackout results from hypoxia (low oxygen) to the brain. What triggers one to breathe in elevation of carbon dioxide (CO2), not low oxygen (O2). One basically ‘blacks out’ or faints in the water. For some, their lungs will take on water leading to drowning while others simply suffocate or die of other causes brought on by the breath-holding. **Death can be a result of the prolonged breath-holding, even if not from so called “Shallow Water Blackout.” Breath-holding may stimulate genetic triggers leading to various causes of death.”


    Additionally, you worry the lifeguards. Please come up at least once per lap for a breath!

Further questions regarding the new pools? 

Call 512-245-2392 or email