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American Red Cross Course Request

Course(s) Requested (check all that apply) *

**Blended Learning courses have online prerequisites. These save in classroom time but do require access to computers at home.

Please note: course lengths vary depending on which courses you select, participant age, participant education level and anticipated number of participants.  Please discuss with the Assistant Director of Aquatics & Safety.

Requested Location of Course

If you choose to have the class at another location, please be aware of the space requirements that these classes demand. You will need a space to hold the course, access to AV equipment for course videos, adequate floor space for mannequins, etc...


If you are selecting the student self pays option, a minimum number of students must sign up 2 business days before the start of the class or it will be cancelled. This minimum will be given to you by the Assistant Director of Aquatics & Safety.

If you are selecting the organization pays for every participant option, please fill out the following information in the text box below: 

  • Person/organization to be billed
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Address
  • Method of payment (credit card, cash, IDT, check, other). **If paying with IDT, please list Cost Center/Fund #

Payments can be made at the front desk of the Student Recreation Center anytime the facility is open. Other arrangements can be made per request. Please make checks payable to Texas State.

Payment Options