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Guardstart: Lifeguarding Tomorrow Course Description

This American Red Cross training program gives motivated 11-14 year-olds a successful jumpstart into lifeguarding. Guard Start covers these five critical areas:

  • Prevention— teaches how to prevent drowning and diving accidents.
  • Fitness— develops swimming skills and general physical ability for lifeguarding responsibilities.
  • Response— develops an understanding of the basics of emergency response techniques and provides practice of lifeguarding skills.
  • Leadership— teaches the decision-making and communication skills necessary to succeed as a lifeguard.
  • Professionalism— instructs participants in key skills and attitudes for the important and vital job of lifeguarding.

This is NOT a lifeguarding course.

Youth participants of Guardstart

We do not offer this course on a regular basis but if you have at least four participants we can schedule a class just for you. Please contact us at or call 512-245-2392 for more information.