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Recertification/Review Courses for CPR & First Aid

In Spring 2011 the American Red Cross decreased the length of many of their courses. Because of this, we have stopped offering recertification courses for basic CPR and First Aid. We feel that since the certifications now last two years, and the courses are also shorter in length now, it would only make sense to offer the full courses so that the courses will fill (i.e. not get cancelled) and so our patrons would be fully refreshed on their life saving skills. 

However, on occasion, we might offer several courses that allows an already certified participant to renew their certification. The course is slightly shorter than the original course, but still thoroughly reviews the course materials. These courses require that participants demonstrate competency in all skills and has at least one written exam.

All participants MUST show their previous certification cards at the beginning of recertification class. Anybody unable to provide proof of certification will not be allowed to participate and will not receive a refund.

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