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Recertification/Review Courses for CPR & First Aid

In Spring 2011 the American Red Cross decreased the length of many of their courses. Because of this, we have stopped offering recertification courses for basic CPR and First Aid. We feel that since the certifications now last two years, and the courses are also shorter in length now, it would only make sense to offer the full courses so that the courses will fill (i.e. not get cancelled) and so our patrons would be fully refreshed on their life saving skills. 

However, on occasion, we might offer several courses that allows an already certified participant to renew their certification. The course is slightly shorter than the original course, but still thoroughly reviews the course materials. These courses require that participants demonstrate competency in all skills and has at least one written exam.

All participants MUST show their previous certification cards at the beginning of recertification class. Anybody unable to provide proof of certification will not be allowed to participate and will not receive a refund.

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  • To be eligible to participate in a review course, the participant must possess a current American Red Cross certificate (or equivalent) for the course being conducted. Those without a certificate may not participate in the review course option.

    Please note: Being eligible for a recertification course does NOT necessarily mean you meet your certification requirements at your place of work or volunteer. Please check with the agency you work or volunteer for regarding their individual policies.

  • All American Red Cross certification cards list off the date the class was held and how long your specific certification is valid for. However, generally speaking, First Aid and CPR cards last two years. Special classes may last longer or shorter. Please note the American Red Cross changed the length of many certifications in Spring 2011.

  • Please email us at or call 512-245-2392 to check to see if your certification is considered an equivalent course for the one you want to take with us. If it is considered by the American Red Cross an equivalent course you will be eligible for the recertification or challenge course.

  • During a challenge course the participant must take the test(s) and demonstrate proper skill competency without any review or assistance from the instructor. If a participant fails any one of the skills or the test(s), they fail the entire challenge course and are not given a refund. No exceptions.

    Individuals who do not possess current American Red Cross certificate(s) (or equivalent) may participate in the challenge option once. If they do not pass the challenge, they should must take a full course. They are not permitted to attempt the challenge again.

    Individuals who hold current American Red Cross certificate(s) (or equivalent) may challenge as often as the courses are available and their certificate(s) remain valid. Please note that here at Texas State we charge a fee for each attempt and attempts may not be done one after another; at least one full day must take place before reattempting a challenge. 

    Here at Texas State University's Department of Campus Recreation we encourage only participants who have reviewed the materials on a frequent basis or have a strong background in their choice of course to sign up for challenge courses. As an Authorized Provider of the American Red Cross we are dedicated to their mission and must follow all of their policies and procedures or else we could lose our ability to teach their classes. Our instructors will NOT give second chances during a challenge course; if a person does not perform to the required standard without coaching they will fail the challenge course and once again, they will not be reimbursed.

    To set up a challenge course email us at or call 512-245-2392. Also note that costs of a challenge course are MUCH greater than taking a regular course due to the expenses it requires.

  • The American Red Cross now makes it possible for you to look up your certification online for free by visiting  You will need to know the date you took the course.  If you took it with us but do not know the exact date, you can email us at and we can look it up for you.  Please note that the American Red Cross can not pull up expired certifications; only current ones.