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Speedy Cat Indoor Triathlon

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Speedy Cat Indoor Triathlon is going to follow the 20/20/20 format, meaning that there will be 20 minutes of swimming in our natatorium, 20 minutes of cycling on an indoor bike and 20 minutes of running on a treadmill. It's the perfect race for veteran competitors or the rookies!

When: March 9th, 2019
*There will be 2-3 waves so participants may choose their start time. The choices are 9am and 9:30am. If slots fill, we will open up a 10am wave.

Where: Texas State University Student Recreation Center

Running on Treadmill

The Race

Swim as many laps as you can in 20 minutes. Nervous about the swim? Then grab one of the limited spots available for utilizing a 15 yard lane that only goes up to 3 feet 6 inches deep! You can water jog, swim or do a combination of both! If you choose to swim in our deeper, 25 yard pool that ranges from 4ft to 9ft deep you can also choose to walk/jog in shallow areas if you prefer. Hanging on lane lines or use of any flotation device is not allowed. Only full lengths of the pool count, so if time ends while you are in the middle of the lane that distance will not be counted.

We will be using our Keiser indoor cycling bikes for the biking portion. Users may set their own resistance and then cycle as "far" as they can in 20 minutes. Some resistance must be applied to ensure safety. Excessive bouncing in the seat will result in race administrators asking you to increase resistance. Trust us-  you can do better with the appropriate amount of resistance anyway! Cycling experts will be there before the race starts to help folks learn how to properly set up their bike for optimal performance and safety.

Run as far as you can in 20 minutes on a treadmill. Users are free to pick their own speed and inclines have to be 0 or higher. Total mileage will be retrieved from the treadmill.

You will have 10 minutes in between the swim and bike (you must change into completely dry clothing), and 5 minutes in between the bike and the run. Arrows and volunteers will direct you to the correct locations.

See the Q&A below.

More info and FAQ:

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Cost & Registration


Only $25.00 for Texas State affiliates.

$5.00 discount for Texas State Students!

Only Texas State affiliates may participate (faculty, staff, alumni and their dependents).


Email us at or call us at 512-245-8454

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