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Child Development Center Swim Lessons

The Department of Campus Recreation is happy to work with the Child Development Center (CDC) to offer swim lessons for the children of the CDC.


  • Your children must be currently enrolled in the Child Development Center at Texas State University and they are ONLY for classes on the second floor (due to age restrictions and safety concerns).
  • Children must be in a classroom on the second floor, toilet trained and able to be in the water without a parent.

Getting to and from the lessons:

Children will change into their suits at the CDC and will be escorted to the Student Recreation Center by CDC staff.  CDC staff will remain at poolside during the lessons.  Parents are welcome to visit during lessons but please limit it to one family member watching at a time due to necessary social distancing and limited deck space.

After lessons, the CDC staff will take the children to the family shower area and children will rinse off, while still suited.  CDC Staff will then escort them back to the CDC to change.

Absence Policy:

Unfortunately we are not able to offer make up lessons if your child misses.

Cancellation of classes:

  • All classes must have at least 4 children signed up or the class will be cancelled (and refunds will be issued).
  • If classes are cancelled due to inclement weather making it unsafe for the kids to walk over, we will ATTEMPT to have makeups on Fridays but they are NOT guaranteed.
  • There are no refunds for sessions purchased or classes missed.


Safety is our number one concern. There will be two certified lifeguards on deck during the lessons in addition to the certified American Red Cross Instructors (who are also lifeguards). As an extra dosage of safety the CDC staff will be pool side actively watching the children as well. All lifeguards have attended a 30 hour training course and attend at least 20 hours of in-service trainings a semester in which they practice their skills.

If a child is displaying dangerous behaviors either at the CDC or during swim lessons, they will be prohibited from further participation in the swim lessons.  This is for the safety of all participants. Swim instructors also reserve the right to sit children out for part or the remainder of lessons if the child is not complying with instructions.

COVID-19 Policies:

  • Maintain good hygiene by washing hands frequently and do not touch your nose, mouth or eyes with unclean hands

  • Please keep a distance of at least 6 feet from others while utilizing all areas of the SRC. Only one spectator per child at a time please; deck space is limited.

  • Face coverings are strongly encouraged while on deck but cannot be worn in the water.

  • Temperature checks on the youth will be conducted each lesson

  • We ask all swimmers to stay home if experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms as laid out in Texas State's Roadmap for COVID-19

  • Never swim or allow your child to swim with diarrhea. You can spread germs in the water and make others sick. Learn more at the CDC's Healthy Swimming Website

Connecting with the Instructors:

We believe interactions between the parents/guardians and the swim instructors is an important factor in the progress of your child's swimming abilities. Parents are welcome to attend sessions, however, we know that is not possible in most cases.  Therefore, we make an effort to reach out via written communication more frequently than we do with our regular sessions. You can expect an instructor bio and frequent progress updates from your instructors. Should you wish to communicate with them more please email us at and we will put you in touch. You can also get to know all of the Aquatics & Safety staff by visiting our Meet the Staff page here.

Lesson Levels

Registration is done by class with the CDC. You will sign your child up for a spot within your class (Bluebonnets, Marigolds, etc). Any adjustments needed will be made by swim instructors after the first day of lessons.


Registration is now done through our online portal. Please read all of the info on this page and the below info carefully before starting the online registration. The schedule is tbd but all classes will be in the afternoon twice a week.

When selecting the class, make sure it is the same class your child is in at the Child Development Center (ie. Bluebonnets).

If you have a Texas State username and password:  You will user your Texas State log in to log in. To add your child click on your username in upper right corner, then click “profile”. From there you should see an “Add a New Dependent” button. You must add your dependent or it will not let you enroll.

If you do NOT have a Texas State username and password: Please create an account for yourself by going to our website and clicking on “sign up”. After creating the account for yourself and logging in, click on your username in upper right corner, then click “profile”. From there you should see an “Add a New Dependent” button. You must add your dependent or it will not let you enroll

Refunds & Transfers: Refunds are not given.You may not give your spot to others if you are no longer able to attend.

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  • You can only sign your child up for their classroom which will only be going twice a week. 

  • These lessons are reserved specifically for the Child Development Center. We do not allow others to enroll.

  • If you have issues creating an account for yourself or your child, please consider the following:

    • Do not attempt from mobile devices. We highly recommend a desktop computer or laptop.
    • Ensure browsers are up to date and/or attempt with a different browser if one does not seem to work. We recommend Firefox and Internet Explorer.
    • Be sure to enter all required information including birthdates
    • Contact us at or call 512-245-2392
  • Unfortunately registering the children by levels was causing a great number of issues. Many parents were choosing to put their child in an inappropriate level so their child could go to the pool and/or just guessing which level to put their child in. It can be very problematic when a child is not placed in a level that with the appropriate challenge level and could easily turn into a safety issue.

    This year each class will be given a certain number of spots. The instructors will then divide them up into classes after the first day when we test their aquatic skill level. 

    It also means that any children choosing not to go to swim lessons will not feel left out as there will be plenty of classmates still in the room with them.

  • Children will need to bring their suit, labeled towel, easy access footwear that children can put on and take off on their own but will not fall off when walking (swim shoes, sandals, crocs, no flip flops), and goggles if desired

    The CDC teachers would love it if your little girls wore two pieces as this makes using the restroom MUCH easier. 

    Googles are fine to send with your kiddo but not required. At times, we will encourage your child to swim without them so they can get used to water in their eyes (a safety skill!)

  • Of course! But with COVID-19 we ask that only one parent/guardian watches at a time per child. Our deck space is limited and we need to be able to provide social distancing while on deck.