Late/Absence Policy:  You are responsbile for being on time to all class sessions.  If your student is late, the instructor(s) will not schedule a make up session or provide refunds.  The same goes for classes that are missed entirely.

Refunds:  There are no refunds for sessions purchased or classes missed. Funds cannot be transferred to other programs either.

Cancellation of classes: 

Healthy Swimming:  We ask all parents to help us keep our pools healthy and safe for all users.  In order to do this, we ask that all patrons with kids:

Parents:  Parents may not leave the natatorium/wet classroom during the swim lessons.  They must be available to take a child to the bathroom if the child needs to go during a lesson as swim instructors and lifeguards cannot leave the other youth in order to take them.  Also, access to the pool and any other portion of the SRC is strictly forbidden for non-SRC members.

Appropriate attire: Swim diapers are required on all children who are not potty trained.  Disposable diapers are available at the SRC front desk for $3.00. Only bathing suits or attire made of bathing suit material are allowed in our pools.  The lifeguards have the ultimate decision on what is acceptable and what is not.  Any blow up toys or floaties are not allowed.

Locker rooms:  There are locker rooms directly attached to the SRC Natatorium for your use during lessons.  There is also a family locker room that should be used when the parent or guardian is the opposite sex of the youth.

Class Level:  The instructors have the ultimate discretion on which class level is best for a youth and have the right to switch a child into a higher or lower level class.

Instructors:  If you feel a swim instructor or other Campus Recreation staff does not provide a sufficient level of customer service, please contact the Aquatics and Safety office at (512) 245-8454 or (512) 245-8454.  All patrons will be given the opportunity to fill out an evaluation form at the completion of the session.

Dropping Courses: Under no circumstances may a person who has a spot, "give" their spot to you. They must drop the course by contacting us and the first person on the waitlist to sign up will gain it.

Severe Weather Policy: In the event of lightening within 5 miles of the SRC, the pool will close for 30 minutes. With each new lightening strike, the timer will reset.