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Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports

COVID-19 Update

In order to best serve the interest of public health, all Campus Recreation programs on the Round Round Campus have been cancelled for the remainder of the semester.

Below is some important information pertaining to Intramural Sports policies & procedures.  Participants should consult the full, detailed handbook for more thorough answers to questions.

Who is eligible to participate in Intramural Sports?

Any Texas State student, faculty, or staff are eligible to play Intramural Sports as student is currently enrolled and faculty or staff is currently employed with the university for that semester.  No one outside of the above categories is eligible to participate.

How many teams can I play on?

All eligible participants are allowed to play on one single gender and one co-ed team per sport.

Do I need an ID to play?

YES!  All intramural participants must show a Texas State photo ID prior to each and every game. 

Can I wear jewelry when I play?

All players are required to remove jewelry prior to the start of your game for safety purposes.  Please note that recreational facilities are possible theft areas.  Please secure your valuables or leave them at home.  Intramural Sports is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Will games be played tonight because of weather?

Games may occasionally be canceled due to inclement weather.  If this happens, participants may find out the status of games via:

  * Call the Rain out hotline - (512) 716-4201

Weather decision about the status of games for the evening is made at 3:00pm.

How are playoff times decided?

Once a team advances to playoffs, it is not certain that you will play on the same day & time as your regular season games are scheduled.  All teams are entered into one bracket for the playoffs, so a team that plays on Sunday at 8pm may be playing a team that plays on Tuesday at 7pm.  Therefore, it's impossible to have the games at the same time for every team.

When do rosters freeze?

Throughout the regular season of a sport, team captains may add and accept players on their team at any time.  All players must be on the online roster prior to the game they want to play in.  At 3pm on the day playoffs begin for the sport your team is playing is when rosters will be frozen.  Anyone planning to participate on your team for any game after that time must be on your roster.

Multipurpose Sports Field at Texas State University Round Rock

The Texas State University Round Rock field is open for use. Fields use is for Students, Faculty and Staff ONLY

Spring 2020 Intramural Sports Schedule

  • Spikeball
  • Wiffle Ball
  • Outdoor Soccer 4V4
  • Golf
  • Sand Volleyball