Mission & Vision Statements


Campus Recreation engages our diverse Texas State community by providing innovative and inclusive recreation and employment opportunities to cultivate lifelong wellbeing.



Inspiring Bobcats to be their best and create lasting memories.

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  1. Provide co-curricular programs and services that enhance the success of our students in a safe and diverse environment.
  2. Improve the health and wellness of the campus community.
  3. Develop and improve the Campus Recreation facilities.
  4. Create outreach programs for targeted populations.
  5. Improve knowledge and professional development of Campus Recreation staff.
  6. Manage fiscal resources in a responsible manner.
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To effectively fulfill its mission and accomplish its goals, the Texas State Department of Campus Recreation provides, within the scope of its resources, the following:

  • Opportunities for a variety of cooperative and competitive activities that will contribute to an individual’s physical fitness;
  • Access to quality, contemporary and modern facilities and programs;
  • A variety of programming including the major areas of informal/drop-in recreation, aquatics, intramural sports, sport clubs, outdoor recreation, and fitness;
  • Coordination of the scheduling of events, promotion of activities and maintenance of campus recreational facilities to maximize facility use to better serve the campus community;
  • Development of a medium through which students can develop leadership, management, program planning and communication skills;
  • Extracurricular opportunities through participation and leadership roles designed to enhance social, psychological and physiological development;
  • A resource center of outdoor program ideas, equipment, supplies and rental materials

Impact Statements

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