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Senior Guard Application


This application is ONLY for current Texas State Lifeguards who have worked for a minimum of one semester (summer counts as one semester).  You must have also gone above and beyond the call of duty on a regular basis to be considered for this position.

Please note that this position will be accepting extra responsibility in leading their peers as well as assisting in running our program. These responsibilities need to be taken seriously. Failure to do so could result in financial losses for the program area as well as disappoint from our users.

Senior guards are also given additional responsibilities. Please select which of the responsibilities you would prefer (check all that you like-but not all may be available at the moment).

Senior Guard Positions General Duties

Student Development/Incentive Program

  • Keeps track of lifeguard of the month program
  • Reads ABCDs monthly at inservice
  • Encourages team building among staff/general comradery
  • Creates at least one social event for lifeguards per semester

Adult Lessons & Clinics

  • Works with HG of Swim Lessons to plan and organize adult lessons and free swim clinics each semester
  • Markets lessons by tabeling at least three times a semester

Historian/Bulletin Board Guru

  • Maintains memory book
  • Updates bulletin boards at SRC, locker rooms, and ASC with weekly workouts, monthly safety classes, and guard of the month (works with HG of Marketing for this)