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Our main assessment thrusts are to evaluate our program offerings annually through a variety of types of assessments:

  • Tracking
  • Demographics -
  • Benchmarking
  • Satisfaction
  • Need
  • Outcomes

We strive to have continual improvement with our programs and services which is possible through our assessment to action plan.  Results for the below assessments can be found in this file.

In addition, the department does a comprehensive program review study of the campus concerning not only quality issues as they relate programmatically, but also with regards to student recruitment and retention issues.

Campus Recreation Assessments:

Faculty/Staff Survey – Campus Recreation seeks to serve the entire University Community and a needs and satisfaction assessment is conducted every other year to help us better understand the needs of the faculty and staff on campus. 2009

Student Survey - Campus Recreation seeks to serve the student population and a needs and satisfaction assessment is conducted every other year to help us better understand the needs of the students on campus. 2008, 2010

Programs Customer Satisfaction - Multiple programs administer surveies for all participants in the program to gather information regarding demographics, satisfaction and future needs.  GOAL, ATP, Safety, Swim Lessons,Cyber Cafe

Alumni Membership - In an effort to understand the needs of the Texas State alumni asurvey was conducted to gather information reagrding demographics, satisfaction and future needs. 2010

Sport Club Participant Satisfaction – The Sport Club program administers an open ended survey to all student club athletes to gather information regarding satisfaction and future needs. 2008, 2009

Group Exercise Price Comparison – The Fitness and Wellness program conducted a benchmarking study to compare group exercise rates to comparable institutions. 2009

Leadership Outcome – The leadership growth of sport club officers was measured at the start and end of the leadership experience. 2008-2009, 2009-2010

Healthy Lifestyle Outcome – The fitness and Wellness program conducted pre and post fitness tests with the Boot Camp participants to measure the change in body fat, weight, and other fitness measurements. 2008-2009, 209-2010

Facility Improvments - Campus Recreation continues to assess the quality and the needs of our facilities through formal assesments of students and by comparison studies of other institutions and national standards. Golf, Fields