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Staff Directory

Pro Staff

The Bobcat Recreation Family works hard to ensure a clean and positive experience!

Administration Position Email Phone
Dr. Jen Beck Director 512.245.2940
Kristy Caldwell Associate Director 512.245.2940
Dr. Daniel Vasquez Associate Director 512.716.4201


Aquatics & Safety Position Email Phone
Julie Saldiva Senior Assistant Director 512.2452.8454
Emily Weeks Graduate Assistant 512.245.6714


Facility Operations Position Email Phone
Jon Hernandez Senior Assistant Director 512.245.2392
Victor Hernandez Assistant Director


Vacant Coordinator    


Fitness & Wellness Position Email Phone
Mitzie Rojas Assistant Director 512.245.0872
Adriana Valdez Coordinator  


Intramurals Position Email Phone
Trevon Walker Assistant Director 512.245.4877
Outdoor Recreation Position Email Phone
Andrew Morreale Assistant Director 512.245.8748
Joe Kipp Coordinator 512.245.8749
Bob Riddle Coordinator 512.245.8456


Sport Clubs Position Email Phone
Mario Rios Assistant Director



Business Office Position Email Phone
Crystal Salinas Business Manager 512.245.9626
Rose Lopez Accountant I 512.245.1638


Custodial Position Email Phone
Elizabeth Teran Head Custodian 512.245.0023


Marketing Position Email Phone
Vacant  Position 512.245.5244


Fields Maintenance Position Email Phone
Dustin Olivo Sport Field Maintenance Supervisor 512.245.8421