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Staff Directory

 Graduate Assistants for the 2016-2017 School Year in front of the rockwall.
Campus Recreation Staff 2018-2019
Administration Position Email Phone
Dr. Christy Nolan Director 512-245-2392
Kristy Caldwell Associate Director


Ventura Acosta Administrative Assistant III 512-245-2392


Aquatics & Safety Position Email Phone
Julie Saldiva Senior Assistant Director 512-245-8454
Paige Hutson Graduate Assistant 512-245-6714


Facility Operations Position Email Phone
Jon Hernandez Senior Assistant Director 512-245-2392
Victor Hernandez Assistant Director


Ervin Brown Coordinator 512-245-2392
Joel Arancibia Graduate Assistant 512-245-8683


Fitness & Wellness Position Email Phone
Victor Hernandez (Interim) Assistant Director 512-245-2392
Josie Wielinski Graduate Assistant 512-245-1102


Intramurals Position Email Phone
Trevon Walker Assistant Director 512-245-4877
Karla Galvan Graduate Assistant 512-245-3940
Outdoor Recreation Position Email Phone
Andrew Morreale Assistant Director 512-245-8748
Joe Kipp Coordinator 512-245-8749
Denise Ferguson Administrative Assistant II 512-245-6242


Sport Clubs Position Email Phone
Mario Rios Assistant Director



Business Office Position Email Phone
Krista Haynes Business Manager 512-245-2392
Rose Lopez Accountant I 512-245-1638
Crystal Salinas Accountant I 512-245-9626


Custodial Position Email Phone
Susanna Garcia Custodial Supervisor 512-245-0023
Elizabeth Teran Head Custodian 512-245-0023


Marketing Position Email Phone
Open Coordinator TBD 512-245-2392


Fields Maintenance Position Email Phone
Dustin Olivo Sport Field Maintenance Supervisor 512-245-8421


Round Rock Position Email Phone
Dr. Daniel Vasquez Associate Director 512-245-2392