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Reservation & Solicitation

SRC Reservation Policies

Student Recreation Center reservations are made by completing a reservation request form below. Please submit two weeks prior to date of requested reservation. The Assistant Director-Facility Operations will review and confirm all reservations (72 hours minimum confirmation time). This form also includes reservations for fields and pools.

Reservation Request Form

Please read the reservation policies below before submitting a Reservation Request Form:

Reservation Policies


Racquetball / Handball / Wallyball Court Reservations

Court reservations are for a one hour period, beginning on the hour, and may be made by calling or visiting    the Operations Desk a maximum of 24 hours in advance (512)245-2940.

Individuals may reserve only one court for a one hour period of time; only when that hour is up and there are courts available for the next hour, can an individual continue play after completing his/her reserved time.

Only one court per-day may be reserved by each person.


Multipurpose Room Reservations

MPR A & MPR C may be reserved when there are no scheduled events or group exercise classes. Individuals may reserve a studio for a one hour time period by signing up, in person, at the operations desk. Room reservations for drop in use are on a first come, first serve basis.  

Participants utilizing the multipurpose rooms must provide their own music. Stereos in the multipurpose rooms are for Group Exercise class use only.


Any organization or individual affiliated with the University must complete the Department of Campus Recreation solicitation request and be granted approval from the Assistant Director –Informal Recreation before soliciting in the SRC or Campus Recreation facilities. In addition, any surveying or questionnaires that are conducted in the SRC must first be pre-approved by the Assistant Director –Informal Recreation. A 24-hour confirmation will be required for any solicitation in the building. Solicitations include flyers, photos, video productions, etc.

Photography/Filming Policies & Procedures

Texas State University Department of Campus Recreation wishes to support the media in publicizing the Campus Recreation programs and services and also recognizes the need to support students who require Campus Recreation filming and photography in support of their academic coursework.

Therefore, Campus Recreation permits filming and photography in its facilities when it is consistent with the protection and security of students, members, employees, facilities and equipment, and avoids conflict with normal use and enjoyment of Campus Recreation facilities, programs and services by members.

Photography & Filming Request Form