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Campus Recreation Facility Reservation Policies

How to reserve:

1.  Complete the reservation form found here after reading all information on this page.

2.  Once we have reviewed your request we will send you an invoice with estimated costs.

3. A deposit equal to 25% of the total estimated amount owed may be required to reserve your respective space. This can be paid at the SRC front desk or main office. Please bring a copy of your invoice with you.  If event is cancelled more than 10 business days before the event, the deposit will be refunded.

4. After the event is finalized, an invoice will be sent to you.

5.  After the final invoice has been sent to you, payment is expected no later than 30 days.



General Rental Policies:

  • Campus Recreation is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Gum chewing, spitting and profanity are not permitted on any of our facilities.
  • Anybody under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a waiver before being allowed to participate.
  • All groups must be out of the facility at the scheduled conclusion of your event due to potential adjacent time scheduling.
  • Regular Campus Recreation activities (such as programs, classes, open swim, etc.) cannot be cancelled for a special event.
  • Food and drinks must remain in designated areas.  Only the wet classroom (at the SRC Natatorium) can have food or drinks.
  • No confetti, glitter or adhesives (other than painter’s tape) may be used for decorations.  No duct tape please.
  • Users are expected to follow the policies of Texas State Staff at all times. 
  • Alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited.  Patrons under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs will be asked to leave.
  • Each group must abide by Texas State Parking Rules.  Individuals will be responsible for any tickets received due to non-compliance.  For more information about parking regulations please visit
  • If there is any damage to the facility and/or the facility is not cleaned properly, the cost of the repairs and/or clean up will be charged to the responsible group.
  • Failure to follow these rules may result in the group forfeiting its privilege to reserve facilities in the future.
  • The Department of Campus Recreation is NOT LIABLE for any charges incurred by the group reserving the facility, or injury to a participant or anyone hired for the event by the group reserving the facility.
  • Entry must be made through the designated entrance for the group.  Every participant/coach/referee/spectator of the special event of non-University affiliates must wear a wristband for entry.  There will be a charge for the cost of wristbands; dependent on the number of participants.
  • All personal articles must be kept in the designated areas; not on activity room floors courts or other surfaces.
  • Appropriate footwear is required for each activity area: Marking/street shoes are prohibited on all wood surfaces/flooring.  Cleats and spikes are not allowed.
  • Any shoes that contain excess dirty, mud and/or grease, etc. will not be permitted on any floor surface.
  • Open-toed shoes are not permitted in any activity area.
  • No equipment or items of any kind may block emergency exits.
  • As employees open and close the facilities, no key will be given to non-Texas State Campus Recreation employees.
  • Rental of the SRC Natatorium does not entitle patrons usage of other areas of SRC.  Please keep all users in reserved areas.


Lifeguard Policies

A minimum of two lifeguards are required at all times that patrons will be in the water.  Users may not bring in their own lifeguards.


The number of lifeguards that are needed will be up to the discretion of the Assistant Director of Aquatics and Safety.

Factors that will help determine the number of guards needed include but are not limited to:

  • Number of people expected (we keep a 1 guard to 25 swimmers ratio)
  • Number of people who are expected to enter water
  • Type of activity planned
  • Age of swimmers
  • Location of event


For set up and clean up times, there is still a requirement of one lifeguard on duty. 


Lifeguards may also be available for special events at Sewell Park, tubing trips, Rio Vista Park, etc.  However, please note that all users of Sewell Park must speak with the Outdoor Center (512-245-2004) before using their facility.



Any organization or individual affiliated with the University must complete the Department of Campus Recreation solicitation request and be granted approval from the Assistant Director –Informal Recreation before soliciting in the SRC or Campus Recreation facilities. In addition, any surveying or questionnaires that are conducted in the SRC must first be pre-approved by the Assistant Director –Informal Recreation. A 24-hour confirmation period will be required for any solicitation in the building. Solicitations include flyers, photos, video productions, etc.



Campus Recreation requires proof of public liability and property damage insurance for groups of 100+, or as requested.