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Student Recreation Center Policies

The Student Recreation Center is located on the corner of Sessom Drive and Academy Street. The SRC welcomes all members with a current Texas State ID or a Campus Recreation Membership Card. Guests must pay the $6 guest fee and be accompanied by a current member.

A map of the floorplan is here

Participation Agreement

All physical activities offered in the Student Recreation Center and at other Campus Recreation facilities are on a voluntary participation basis and carry various degrees of risk or injury. Participants assume sole responsibility for any and all such risk or injury that may result due to voluntary participation. It is each individual's responsibility to be knowledgeable of his/her own physical condition when participating in any activity.

Participation Conduct

Facility users are expected to respect the facilities and the rights of other individuals. Any user of the facilities who engages in any disorderly conduct, including verbal or physical abuse of any employee or other user, is subject to immediate removal from that facility and possible loss of privileges.

SRC Eligibility

All students, faculty, staff, graduates, and guests are permitted into the facilities with proof of membership.

SRC Entrance

All users must present an activated current Texas State ID or membership card, or register their hand in the biometric scanning system to gain entrance into the SRC.

Guest Passes

Due to the large population of student, faculty and staff memberships the SRC must administer a three guest per person limit. These guest passes will be available provided the following guidelines are met:

  • Each guest can pay the fee to access the facility for the day. The fee is $3 for children 3-15 years old and $6 for people 16 and older.
  • Children 2 and under are free. 
  • Guests must show a form of picture ID.
  • The sponsor must escort his/her guest(s) into the facility.
  • The sponsor is responsible for the conduct and actions of his/her guest(s) while utilizing Campus Recreation facilities. This includes lost, stolen or damaged equipment, as well as, any facility damage.
  • Maximum 3 guest limit per member.
  • The SRC reserves the right to refuse admittance to any guest.
    Guests are not permitted to check out equipment. His/her sponsor should check out all equipment.
  • A Texas State faculty or staff person may sponsor themselves in by showing their valid University ID and adhering to all other guest pass policies.

General Policies 

  • Appropriate athletic attire, such as t-shirts, shorts, warm-up suits and fitness clothing are required. Jeans and/or street clothes that have rivets on them are not permitted.
  • Patrons are required to wear a shirt that covers the chest and abdominal region.
  • Gum chewing and spitting are not permitted in the facility.
  • Eating and drinking are permitted in the lounge/snack bar area only.
  • In-line skates/roller skates/skateboards/hoverboards are not allowed in the SRC.
  • All personal articles must be kept in designated lockers or under benches; not on activity room floors, courts or other surfaces.
  • Boom boxes are not allowed in the SRC except those used for Department of Campus Recreation programs. Individual headphones are permissible.
  • Football, softball, frisbee or other activities that involve projecting items through the air are not permitted in the facility.
  • Appropriate footwear is required for each activity area.
  • Marking/streaking and running shoes are prohibited on all wood surfaces (basketball, racquetball, and Multipurpose studio).
    - Cleats or spikes are not allowed on any surface in the SRC.
    - Any shoes that contain excess dirt, mud, and/or grease, etc., will not be permitted on any floor surface.
    - Open-toe shoes are not permitted in any activity area.
  • Sparring-type activities are not permitted in the boxing room or on the mezzanine level. 

Attire Policy 

  • Footwear
    • Proper footwear is required throughout the SRC unless otherwise noted. Bare feet are only allowed in natatorium and locker room areas. 
    • Cropped tanks, halter-tops, muscle tanks, and sports bras (only) are not permitted.
    • Clothing that exposes skin below the pec line is not permitted.
    • Shirts should cover full chest and back to aid in preventing MRSA, ringworm, impetigo, etc. contact from exposed skin. Patrons should also disinfect equipment after use to minimize exposure risks.

    • Altered T-shirts and tank tops, or tank tops that have a low/exposed back, chest, ribcage allows sweat and moisture to easily penetrate equipment and upholstery. This causes damage, creates health concerns, and increases cleaning/mainte- nance efforts.
    • Non-athletic type pants such as jeans, khakis, etc. with rivets or zippers are not permitted.
    • Shorts must cover the buttocks and groin when exercising or moving.
  • The dress code is to ensure a safe, clean, and fun experience for all users. 

Family & Child Policies


  • For health and safety reasons, children ages 0 - 16 are not permitted at any time in the cardio or weight room areas; those areas of the facility are not designed to be used by children.
  • Infants may not be left in carriers while their guardian exercises nearby.  
  • Carriages / strollers are not permitted on the track.
  • Children must be at least 16 years of age to utilize the cardio equipment and weight room.
  • All children under the age 16 must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian to gain admittance into the SRC, and must be chaperoned at all times while in the facility.
  • Texas State students, faculty, staff and SRC members may purchase memberships for their dependents. Each dependent will need to get an ID card from ID services.
  • Children are never to be left unattended, even in the lobby.
  • Children 5 years of age and older are prohibited from using locker rooms of the opposite gender. Families are encouraged to use the Family Changing Room located between the Natatorium Locker Rooms. 
  • Racquetball goggles are required for children under the age of 18 who utilize the racquetball courts.

Golf Simulator

  • Children must be at least 7 years of age to use the Golf Simulator.
  • A parent or guardian must be present and provide supervision to children under the age of 18.


  • Children must be at least 13 years of age to climb the Rockwall.
  • A parent or guardian must sign a waiver and be present with children under the age of 18.
  • Guests must pay a guest fee to enter the SRC and another daily fee to climb the Rockwall.


  • Youth 12 and under must be supervised by a responsible adult over the age of 18.
  • Swim diapers required for children not potty trained.
  • If a child cannot swim, a responsible adult over the age of 18 must be within one arms length from the child at all times.
  • Swimming proficient children may use lap lanes and equipment for lap swimming only. 
  • Additional rules may be implemented by the Aquatics and Safety staff for the health and safety of the patrons.


We encourage SRC patrons to incorporate their trip to the facility as part of their workout by walking, jogging or biking to the SRC. The Speck Parking garage is open to provide additional parking for our growing campus.  The Speck purple commuter and Family and Consumer Sciences red restricted lots open up for all parking permits after 5pm. Parking lots may be used if the vehicle owner has a valid University permit, obtained through the Parking Services Office.

The shuttle bus service provides transportation to the SRC and is a highly recommended means of transportation.

Bike racks are available outside the SRC for students who choose to ride their bikes. Bicycles are not permitted in the facility or directly outside the main entrance.

Public Service Officers

Public Service Officers offer a free escort service to ensure the safety of students traveling on campus alone. To request an escort please call (512)245-2890.


Equipment Rental & Check-Out

A wide variety of recreational equipment is available for check out. A few items have a small rental fee associated with checkout. Inquire with the Operations Desk staff. Card holding members are eligible to use this service upon the presentation of required identification. Equipment may be used inside or outside the Student Recreation Center. There is a $2.00 per-item per-day late return charge. A replacement charge will be assessed for lost or damaged equipment. Failure to pay this fine will result in a charge assessed to the user's University account.

Lost/Found Items

All lost and found items will be held at the Operations Desk for at least two days, after which they will be sent to UPD. Lost IDs are picked up by ID services on a weekly basis. If an item is lost, simply inform the Operations Desk. Please return any found items to the Operations Desk.

The Student Recreation Center staff suggests all members not bring valuables into the facility to prevent loss or theft. The Department of Campus Recreation assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items. 

Weight Room Policies

  • Open-toe shoes are not permitted.
  • Patrons are required to wear a shirt that covers the chest and abdominal region.
  • Workout Towels are required in the weightroom and cardio areas.
  • No gym or book bags permitted in the weightroom.
  • Chalk is not permitted for any use
  • Only resealable beverage containers are allowed.
  • Gum chewing is not permitted.
  • Participants may not wear sports bras only.
  • All participants should utilize a workout towel and wipe down equipment following their use.

Racquetball Policies

  • Eye guards are recommended for the safety of players.
  • Court reservations are highly suggested.
  • Children under 18 years of age are required to wear goggles.
  • Appropriate footwear is required on racquetball courts.
  • Racquetball/Handball/Wallyball Court Reservations
  • Court reservations are for a one hour period, beginning on the hour, and may be made by calling or visiting the Information Desk on the day of the reservation.
  • Individuals may reserve only one court for a one hour period of time; only when that hour is up and there are courts available for the next hour, can an individual continue play after completing his/her reserved time.
  • Only one court per-day may be reserved by each person.

Boxing Room Policies

  • Gloves/ wraps are required to use equipment.
  • Tennis shoes must be worn at all times.
  • Users may not kick the bags
  • Sparring-type activities are not permitted in the boxing room or on the mezzanine level.

Photography & Filming Policies

  • Photographs and film may not be published, sold, reproduced, transferred, distributed or otherwise  commercially exploited in any manner whatsoever.
  • Photography and filming is not permitted in Campus Recreation locker rooms or restroom facilities.
  • All photography and filming must be conducted during operating hours and without disrupting Campus Recreation operations and service to its members or limiting access to equipment, stairwells, entrances/exits, high traffic areas or other high traffic locations within Campus Recreation facilities.
  • Prior permission by all photographic subjects must be secured via a signed photo release.
  • The Department of Campus Recreation reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to withhold and/or withdraw permission to photograph on its premises or to reproduce photographs of its facilities, members and staff.

Conference Passes

A department or office sponsoring a program on campus may request conference passes for attendees by submitting a request one week in advance to the Associate Director. Daily or weekly fees will be assessed according to program requests.