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Intramural Sports Pass

Intramural Sports Pass (IM Sports Pass) is the NEW Intramural Sports payment structure for all of your Intramural Sports events.  All current Texas State students, faculty, and staff are eligible to participate in Intramural Sports.

Moving to an individual fee model and away from team fee model will allow Campus Recreation to keep programming prices affordable for all participants.  This will also alleviate team captains from paying the entire team fee at registration.

Under the individual fee model, participants will have the option to purchase a semester pass and participate in every Intramural Sports event offered that semester for one fee.  Participants will also have the option to purchase a one-sport pass and play on one team in a single sport.  This new model will give participants multiple payment options & the opportunity to try new sports at no additional cost.

Before registering, participants must first purchase an Intramural Sports pass on Fusion IM. Click on the tabs below to learn more about your options for playing.


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  • The Year Pass gives you unlimited access to all Intramural Sports events for the fall, spring, and summer semesters.  You can purchase a Year Pass at the beginning of the fall semester through Thanksgiving.  Year Pass holders can register a single gender and a co-rec team in as many sports as they would like to play each semester.  Register now on Fusion IM!

  • The Semester Pass is ideal if you're interested in playing unlimited Intramural Sports for only one semester.  You can purchase a Semester Pass for $30 at the beginning of each semester.  Semester Pass holders can register a single gender and a co-rec team in as many sports as they would like to play that semester.  This is a great option for students studying abroad during part of the year.  Register now on Fusion IM!

  • Purchase the One-Sport pass at any point during the semester and it will allow for participants to play one sport & on one team as long as they meet the requirements of that sport.  When this pass is purchased, a student can participate in the one sport & one team of their choosing.  The pass expires upon joining a team within that one sport.  If you have more fun than anticipated and want to play in additional sports throughout the year, you will need to upgrade to a (pro-rated) Semester or Year Pass. One purchase of this pass will count towards a credit on the semester pass if a player chooses to upgrade after an initial purchase of the one-sport pass.  Renewing the one-sport pass will not count towards continued credits on an upgrade.  Register now on Fusion IM!

  • Students enrolled in summer classes can participate in all Intramural Sports for $5.  Students or participants not enrolled in summer classes must first purchase a Campus Rec Summer membership to be eligible for summer Intramural Sports.  If you have already purchased the Year Pass and are enrolled in summer classes or have a summer membership, you do not need to purchase this pass.  Register now on Fusion IM!