Non-Student Memberships

Membership to Student Recreation Center (SRC) is limited to the university community

Purchase your membership online or at the Front Desk

University employees can request payroll deduction!

Call 512-245-2940 if you have any questions

WellCats members could be eligible for a discount, please visit their website for more information


  • Faculty/Staff - Current benefit eligible employees of Texas State (50% FTE or greater) or retired employees that have a current University ID. Payroll deduction is available at certain times of the year; all Faculty/Staff will be emailed when it is available.
  • Texas State graduate - Degree holder from Texas State. Confirmation or proof must be shown at the SRC front desk.
  • Spouse/Other - Spouse or domestic partner of a student, faculty, staff or Texas State graduate or a child 18 years of age or older residing in the same household. Only one individual may be sponsored in this category.
  • Dependent - 16 years of age or older child residing in the same household. Adult dependents (age 16-25) of current students, faculty & staff members.
  • Continuing student - Individual with proof of previous semester enrollment and is planning to enroll in the following semester.

Faculty/Staff/Texas State Graduate/Spouse

(3 Semester)
Continuing Student
One Semester Only

 Semester membership rates are prorated halfway through each semester.

Membership Terms

Memberships may be purchased two different ways, by the semester or annually. Semester memberships cover only one academic semester: Fall, Spring or Summer. Each semester a student is enrolled in at least one credit hour on the San Marcos campus, the $94 recreation fee is assessed automatically. Summer fees vary depending on enrollment status. 

All Membership fees are non-refundable nor transferable.