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VIP Program

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What is VIP?

The Vertical Incentive Program (VIP) is an incentive program to challenge members to climb as many vertical feet as possible at the Climbing Center on either of the two, 54-foot towers. 

Like road racing, there are distance point challenges with unique and exciting rewards at each point! Remember, you can take as many semesters as you need to reach your long-term distance goal. The route you climb doesn't matter, so choose any route; just make it to the top!

Distance Milestones & Rewards:

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Members who have climbed a Marathon (138,336 feet / 2,560 climbs)

Members who have climbed a Half-Marathon (69,168 feet / 1,280 climbs)

Members who have climbed their first 5k (16,404 feet / 303 climbs) this Academic Year
Members who have climbed their first mile (5,280 feet / 98 climbs) this Academic Year
  • Ali Alsaedi (Fall 2020)
  • Haley Benson (Fall 2020)
  • Kyndall Khollman (Fall 2020)
  • Payton Mcintyre (Fall 2020)
  • Preston Tiff (Fall 2020)
  • Samuel Ruiz (Fall 2020)
  • Sarah Biggs (Fall 2020)
  • Sydney Walker (Fall 2020)