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Sewell Park

The Outdoor Center is open, and equipment rentals are available. Only Outdoor Center rentals are permitted to access the San Marcos River from the dock in Sewell Park.

Click here for Outdoor Center hours of operation.

San Marcos River & Bridge


Sewell Park is one of the most inviting and relaxing spaces on the Texas State University Campus. The spring fed crystal clear San Marcos River runs through the park and remains 72-degrees year round. You can relax outdoors while taking advantage of two sand volleyball courts, open spaces for Frisbee, an outdoor basketball court, picnic tables great for relaxing and eating lunch or dinner. The park also offers ample open space for sunbathing, and picnicking. You'll also find the Outdoor Center here, nestled under the trees.

Conditions of the San Marcos River are constantly changing, and hazards may be present (river depth, rocks, wildlife, etc). Entering the river is at your own risk, and no lifeguards are present.

Reservation Information

Sewell Park Map

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  • The Amplified Sound Request Form must be submitted to Student Involvement @ LBJSC at least 10 days prior to the event date. Sound equipment is not available or provided by the Outdoor Center.

    • Forms can be submitted to:
    • If additional power or electrical hookup is required, a request to the University's Physical Plant must be made. 
  • Animals are not permitted on campus without prior approval.

  • Cancellations made within 48 hours are eligible to be rescheduled at no additional cost.

    Refunds are not available, even due to inclement weather at the time of the event. 

  • UPD officers can be requested to provide security. The rate for each officer is $40.00 per hour with a four-hour minimum.

    Event Security Request

  • Food Catering

    UPPS for Catered Events: 

    Catering service for functions held in university facilities may be obtained from the food service contractor or from other catering services, if approved and included on the annual list of approved caterers. Small departmental events (fewer than 20 participants) that serve food to university employees are exempted from the catering policy.

    Caterers wishing to serve food on the campus must meet the standards and conditions as established in the Catering Services Agreement. Included in the standards are:

    1. Proof of liability insurance in which the caterer, as well as the university, are covered;

    2. Evidence of compliance with all public health service and food handling certification as required by state and federal laws; and

    3. Caterers who seek inclusion on the university’s list of approved caterers must submit a list of their services and their costs. The list of costs should contain all related costs to the end user, including food, commissions, deliveries and other costs on a per-person basis.

    Food Safety

    Please visit the Department of Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management for all rules and policies regarding food safety for on-campus events.

    Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management: Food Safety

  • Student Organizations hosting an event to raise money for a registered 501(c)(3) charity and/or philanthropic organization may receive a discount on the hourly rate for an event reservation.

    In the reservation request, provide fundraising intention and documentation of registered organization.

  • Only open flame devices are permitted in Sewell Park. These include:

    • Propane Grill
    • Catering Grill/Smoker
    • Sterno Candle (Food)
    • Conventional Candle(s)

    If any of these devices are used, an Open Flame Permit must be submitted to the Department of Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management.

    Open Flame Permit:

    • Each Open Flame Permit will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis as the event is being reviewed for approval.
    • Only the open flame devices listed above will be considered and approved by EHSRM. Charcoal grills are prohibited.
    • The approved Open Flame Permit must be posted on-site throughout the duration of the event.
    • If the event involves cooking, all adjacent areas to which sparks or heat might spread must be inspected at least 30 minutes after the event is over.
    • If my event involves serving food to members of the public or is open to the campus community, I must also obtain a Temporary Food Establishment Permit through EHSRM.
    • A fire extinguisher must remain on-site throughout the duration of the event.
      • Fire extinguishers may be requested at no additional cost on the Reservation Request Form. If the fire extinguisher is used or damaged in any way, the group will be responsible for the cost of replacement.
  • Reoccurring Sewell Park events that are open to the public may receive a discount on the hourly rate for an event reservation when booked together. Provide all intended dates in the reservation request for consideration.

    • Game Nights
    • Social Mixers
    • Music/Performance Events
  • If your event requires tables or chairs, a request can be made with Materials Management (for a separate, additional fee).

  • Large trash bins can be made available for the use of an event, at no additional cost by the Outdoor Center.

    Event organizers are responsible for removing all trash from Sewell Park when the event is completed.

  • Non-Affiliated Events: Organizations that intend to host an event in Sewell Park must be sponsored by a Texas State Department or Organization.

    Student organization solicitation: The Solicitation Form must be filled out by the organization and submitted.

    Outside Texas State Vendors: If there will be outside vendors present selling anything or promoting a commercial message, a Solicitation Form and Vendor Agreement must be filled out by the sponsoring department. 

    Forms are due at least ten (10) business days before the requested solicitation date (weekends/university closures due to holidays excluded) and only for dates up to two consecutive weeks. All forms, policies, and procedures are subject to change and found here.

Reservation Rates

Hourly rate for events open to the Texas State community, require amplified sound, event security, or food permitting.

Area Number of People Student Rate University Rate Non-Affiliate Rate
Pavilion up to 50 $20 $25 $40
51-100 $40 $50 $80
101+ $60 $75 $150

Sewell Park West

up to 50 $20 $25 $40
51-100 $40 $50 $80
101-200 $60 $75 $150
201-500 $80 $100 $200
501-1000 $100 $125 $250
1001+ $150 $200 $300

*Sand Volleyball Courts (per court)

N/A $10 $15 $30

*Basketball Court

N/A $10 $15 $30

Lifeguarding Min. (per hour)

N/A $100

*Volleyballs and Basketballs included in rental, and are available upon request.

Student Org & Academic Class Reservations

If you are reserving space for a Student Organization meeting, or an Academic class, email to secure a space in Sewell Park at no cost. Read the below FAQ to determine if your event/organization qualifies.