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Sewell Park Reservation Request

Sewell Park Map


•  This is a form for REQUESTING Sewell Park. This is not an invoice nor is it confirmation that you will be able to utilize the facility(s) you requested.

•  The Amplified Sound Request Form must be submitted to Student Involvement @ LBJSC at least 10 days prior to the event date.

•  All events must meet the requirements of the Food Safety for Temporary Food Establishments on Campus Policy

•  All events open to the public (more than just members of the hosting organization) that will be selling and/or serving food must have a Temporary Food Establishment Permit on-file with the University.

Event Description

Which facility(s) are you requesting (refer to above map):
Our event needs the following (select all that apply):
All swimming in Sewell Park is at your own risk. Do you want lifeguards present for your event? *
Amplified Sound? *
Is food being provided at this event? *
Is food being catered for this event? *

I have read all of the Sewell Park Policies (found in the above hyperlink) and agree to abide by them. *

Payment Information

Method of Payment? *