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Sewell Park Reservation Request

Sewell Park Map


•  This is a form for REQUESTING Sewell Park. This is not an invoice nor is it confirmation that you will be able to utilize the facility(s) you requested.

•  The Amplified Sound Request Form must be submitted to Student Involvement @ LBJSC at least 10 days prior to the event date.

•  All events must meet the requirements of the Food Safety for Temporary Food Establishments on Campus Policy

•  All events open to the public (more than just members of the hosting organization) that will be selling and/or serving food must have a Temporary Food Establishment Permit on-file with the University.

Event Description

Which facility(s) are you requesting (refer to above map):
Our event needs or will have the following (select all that apply):
Is food being provided at this event? *
Is food being catered for this event? *
Does this event require open flame? (Select all that apply) *

Only the open flame devices listed above will be considered and approved by EHSRM. Charcoal grills are prohibited.

A fire extinguisher must remain on-site throughout the duration of the event. Please indicate below if you will be providing your own fire extinguisher, or if one is needed to be provided for your event. Fire extinguishers may be requested at no additional cost.


Our event is requesting a fire extinguisher for this event

I have read all of the Sewell Park Policies (found in the above hyperlink) and agree to abide by them. *

Payment Information

Method of Payment? *