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University Camp How to Reserve

How to make and pay for a Reservation Request

Reservation availability dates


Student Availability

Faculty, Staff, Retiree Availability

Alumni Availability


(January 15 - May 15)

September 1 October 1 October 8


(May 16 - August 31)

January 15 March 1 March 8


(September 1 - December 19)

June 1 July 1 July 8

Site Availability Calendar

4 Day Use Site reservations are available per day on the calendar. Areas in the Day Use area are first-come first-served, and have no relation to the Site Number on the reservation calendar. Busy = Reserved

Steps to fill out a request

All University Camp reservation requests can be made at:

1. Login

  • Click the above Customer Portal button, then the "Log In" link
  • Current Texas State Students or Faculty/Staff login with your Texas State Net ID
  • Texas State Alumni, retirees, or others without active login credentials will need to create a profile prior to making your first reservation request

First step to create a request is to login

A view of the login options


2. Don't Have an Account? Sign up

  • To create a profile please click "Sign up"
    • Please fully complete your profile to speed the reservation approval process. 

If you do not have an account with Texas state please create an account

3. Reserve a Facility

  • To start a request, click "Facilities"
  • Then click the "Reserve a Facility" link

After logging in, click facilities to make a request

View of the search facilities page

4. Facility Information 

Please fill out the facility information request with the following information.

  • Facilities requested (One can be requested; any others are to be listed in the comments section below)
  • Dates requested (This is your arrival date. Do not submit multiple requests for consecutive nights)

  • Time (enter 12:00am to 12:00am)

  • Number of participants (for all sites being requested, combined)

  • Group or organization (If your reservation is part of an organization or TXST-affliated department, enter here)

  • Comments (Copy/Paste the below questions for ease of use)

    • Include any additional sites being requested

    • End date of reservation

    • If paying with IDT, include your Cost/Fund numbers here

This image shows how to fill the facility information.

Each reservation request is individually reviewed before being added to the reservation calendar. You will receive an emailed invoice with payment instructions, or a request for additional information. Check your SPAM FOLDER if you do not receive an emailed invoice within 72 hours of your request.

5. Making your online payment

After receiving your Reservation Invoice regarding your total amount due:

  1. Log into your profile in the Campus Recreation Customer Portal
  2. Click the profile photo then click profile
  3. Click the Invoices link
  4. Click the pay button
  5. Enter maximum amount then click apply payment
  6. Enter Credit Card payment information, then continue to process payment

To start the payment process click the profile picture in the top right then profile.


This image shows account information and to continue click invoices on the bottom left


This image shows all current invoices.To pay a invoice click the pay button.


To pay enter the maximum amount then click apply payment