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NGWSD Volunteer Sign Up

Volunteer Info


Thank you for your interest in serving as a volunteer for this year's Play Day, part of the National Women and Girls in Sports Day.

We hope to provide a t-shirt to all volunteers but we will only be able to provide them to the first fifty volunteers to sign up and sizes will not be guaranteed.  You will also receive a free lunch that day.

We need all volunteers to arrive no later than 9:30am and plan on staying until approximately 2:15pm.

Below are the different volunteer positions we have and what their duties include.

Station Leaders:

We have teams that lead each station. If your team would like to sign up to run a station, please do so here.

Group Leaders:

In order to get the different groups of youth to each of these stations we need "Group Leaders" as well. A Group Leader will be supervising the group of girls and acting as a role model for the afternoon. Usually there are 2 or more Group Leaders per group of girls; so everybody has help and the girls get LOTS of attention.

Food Prep/Serve:

We need volunteers to help prepare and serve the food for the youth and volunteers.


This involves running and around and helping with the odds and ends needed. Typically these positions are filled by Campus Rec staff who know the building as they can help best, but we are open to others as well.

If you can commit, please fill out the below form:


Preferred tshirt size (sizes not guaranteed but we will try our best!)
Which position would you like to volunteer for (if you are okay with more than one, check all that you would like)? *
Which school/org are you with?
If you are with a specific team/program, please indicate which one