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Play Greener

Work Harder Play Greener


Campus Recreation Efforts

  • Paper Conservation - Reduce the amount of paper we use in the office. Efforts are underway to develop and implement new technology to significantly reduce the use of paper and to move to electronic forms and access. This will allow participants to access our services as needed from many different locations.
  • Green Housekeeping - Use green supplies and practices at all Campus Recreation facilities. This will greatly reduce the chemicals required to keep our facilities prepared for safe participation.
  • Electrical Use - Reduce the use of electricity in Campus Recreation facilities by adopting guidelines for the use of lights. This will result in the lights being turned off during non-use and when sunlight sufficiently lights areas.
  • Rain Water Collection - A proposal is being considered to capture rain water from surrounding structures to use to water the West Campus Fields. This will reduce the need for water to be drawn from the Edwards Aquifer system.
  • Staff Education - Incorporate "Play Green" training into Kick-Off Mandatory All Staff Training in August 2010. Create a monthly flyer to post online with sustainable information and tips.
  • Marketing - Promote sustainable efforts and practices we currently implement. Collaborate with the campus community on all the sustainable efforts throughout the year.