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Paintball Club originally started in 2006, revived in 2016 and joined the Sport Club program in the Spring of 2019, is a student-run organization that plays both competitively, for those who want a challenge, and for fun, for those who want to simply go out at the end of the week and destress. Everyone is welcome so long as you are a Texas State student. We play on a state and national level against other schools both in Texas and across the country.


Regular Practice Location

824 Grand Ave Pkwy, Pflugerville, TX 78660

We practice at Outlaw Paintball in Pflugerville, about a 45 – 50 minute drive from San Marcos. We carpool to practices so if you need a ride we will take you along.

Meetings and Practice Times

We meet every Sunday and practice from 9:30 AM to set up equipment until about 1:30 PM. People can come and go as needed. It is not required to come to every practice but if you wish to play in tournaments a certain amount of practices must be attended before being able to compete.

Recruitment and Dues

We do not require any dues or fees, the only thing you would be responsible for buying is paint whenever you show up other equipment will be provided by other players at the field. Travel costs should be factored as well. No experience is needed to play with us, we teach new members how to play. Many of our top players are people who started playing with us not too long ago so there is no need to feel as though you need experience to play. We also recommend that you do not buy any equipment until you are sure this something you want to commit to in order to save money.

Social Media and Contact Information

Instagram page: txst_paintball

Facebook page: Texas State Paintball

For more information, contact: President - Garrett Stevens (grs62@txstate.eduOR fill out our INTEREST FORM.

If you wish to donate to the paintball club please visit our DONATION PAGE.