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Women's Ultimate Disc


The Women's Ultimate Disc (Ultimate Frisbee) team is a young team in its third year as an official Sport Club here at Texas State. The team, known as Trainwreck, is constantly seeking new members with all experience levels. Beginners who have never thrown a Frisbee or do not know what the sport is are still encouraged to come out and play. There are no tryouts for women's ultimate because we accept anyone willing to work hard and have fun. Trainwreck has competed in college tournaments around Texas in major cities including Dallas, Houston and Austin. We have also traveled out of state to tournaments in Louisiana and Arkansas. As a young team we are still learning to be competitive at the college level. The team belongs to the South women's conference and members of the team are required to sign up with USA Ultimate in the spring. Women's ultimate competes in the fall but the actual season is in the spring. "Ultimate" as it is referred to by players is unlike many college sports. It is a combination of elements from other team sports such as football, without the tackling, and soccer. The playing field is a little smaller than a regulation football field and there are two end zones - 40ft. in length and 20ft. in width. Seven players from each team are on the field at once. Both teams start from the end zones. Ultimate is unlike many sports because there are no referees or officials. Ultimate is about "The Spirit of the Game" so players make their own calls and settle their own disputes. It is a fun sport combining elements of other team sports and a unique "spirit" of the game.

     Club dues are $50/semester and this money goes to hotel fees, gas, equipment, and entry fees.

For more information, contact: President Keely Freund ( If you wish to donate to the women's ultimate club, please DONATE HERE.