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Water Ski





What is water skiing?

Water skiing is a team and individual competitive sport. You are pulled behind a boat on a special lake designed for skiing. We compete with teams around the country and even sometimes around the world.

Are there tryouts for your team?

No, we do not have tryouts for our team. We accept students of all skill levels into our team.

What events do you compete in?

We compete in three different events: slalom, trick, and jump.

What region are you in? What schools do you compete against?

We compete through NCWSA in the South Central Region which consists of Oklahoma State University, University of Arkansas, University of Louisiana - Lafayette, University of Louisiana - Monroe, A&M University, Baylor University, University of Texas, and us, Texas State University.

When is your season?

Our season is year-round but has a break during the summer. Although, we do have optional practices throughout the summer.

What are the dues for this team?

Our dues are $250 for members per semester. This includes skis, life jackets, ropes, boat gas, boat upkeep, lake rent, and nationals expenses.

Dues: $250/semester

For more information, contact: President - Parker Brown ( OR fill out our INTEREST FORM. 

If you wish to donate to the water ski club please visit our DONATION PAGE.