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​Whether you have been in a gym your entire life, or never even touched a bar before, weightlifting can be for you! We are men and woman of all skill levels and background knowledge, who share a passion for Olympic Weightlifting. We believe in improving ourselves everyday, pushing our limits, supporting one another, believing in yourself and becoming a family. This club was founded by 5 men wanting to teach people about Olympic Weightlifting, and put Texas State University on the map as a top school for our Olympic Weightlifting athletes. Every local meet we attend we always place in the top 3 and are a recognized club by Fringe, Barbell Revolution, SWSH, Texas Barbell Club, Lower Weightlifting, Black Rifle Coffee and Article 15 apparel. Our GOAL is to send as many lifters to University Nationals each year, expand our training area to support growing membership, make Texas State Weightlifting a well-known sport club in the south central region of Texas due to community outreach, make Olympic Weightlifting one of the most prosperous and well-respected club here on campus, and put Texas State University on the map as an official training site in the nation.

    Dues start at $100 for the first semester, $75 for the second. The money goes towards new lifting platforms, weights, bars, etc. as well as entry and travel fees.

For more info, please contact…
 President: Courtney Royston (