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Women's Lacrosse

Texas State University's Women's Lacrosse is a club sports team that competes in the TWLL and plays for Texas State University in San Marcos. Off-season begins in August, where regular practices to prepare for the season are held as well as participation in small tournaments. The regular season runs from February to April, and scheduled home games, as well as away games, are played. The team ranges from newcomers who have never played before, to ladies with NCAA experience, so it is encouraged that anyone interested get involved in Texas State Women's Lacrosse. The club promotes a message of accountability, friendship, and dedication, and creates a sense of family amongst its players.


Practice Times:


These will vary each semester, and are announced usually via Instagram and the website before they begin. Currently, practice times are as follows:


West Campus Fields: Monday & Wednesday 6:30-8pm

Bobcat Village Fields: 7-8:30pm


How to Play:


No experience is required, all levels are welcome! For information on dues, equipment, traveling, etc., email OR fill out our INTEREST FORM.


Social Media:








Contact Club President Emily Huttenhower:


If you wish to donate to the women's lacrosse club please visit our DONATION PAGE.