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How To Start A New Club

There are a lot of steps to becoming a Sport Club but they are really fairly simple.
  • First, you will need interest from other students.
  • Second, you will need to consider the following:
  1. You need to become a Registered Student Organization (RSO). Those steps can be found via the following link: Click Here
  2. Once you are a RSO you can petition to join the Sport Clubs Program by providing the Sport Clubs Office with the following information:
    • Proposed budget for one academic year (fall and spring)
    • Campus Activities and Student Organizations Registration Form
    • Advisor’s Contract
    • Diversity Statement
    • Hazing Statement
    • A current copy of the Club’s constitution and by-laws           
    • A club roster with a minimum of 10 students
    • A letter or petition describing club interest, club contribution to the wellness of students and diversity the club will bring to the Sport Clubs Program
    • Calendar of competitions, meeting, fundraisers, etc. for the upcoming year
  3. Once all documents listed above are on file with the Sport Clubs Office a petition hearing will be scheduled with the Sport Clubs Alliance.
All documents must be on file with the Sport Clubs Office at least 30 days prior to scheduled Alliance meeting. The Alliance meets twice a semester during the academic year. For information on getting started, please contact the Sport Clubs Office at (512) 245-1791.

Wait! We already have a number of "potential clubs" in the works. Please contact the Sports Club Office for more info!