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How To Start A New Club

There are a lot of steps to becoming a Sport Club but they are really fairly simple.
First, you will need interest from other students. Second, you will need to consider the following:
1.          You need to become a Registered Student Organization (RSO). Those steps can be found via the following link:
2.          Once you are a RSO you can petition to join the Sport Clubs Program by providing the Sport Clubs Office with the following information:
·         Proposed budget for one academic year (fall and spring)
·         Campus Activities and Student Organizations Registration Form
·         Advisor’s Contract
·         Diversity Statement
·         Hazing Statement
·         A current copy of the Club’s constitution and by-laws           
·         A club roster with a minimum of 10 students
·         A letter or petition describing club interest, club contribution to the wellness of students and diversity the club will bring to the Sport Clubs Program
·         Calendar of competitions, meeting, fundraisers, etc. for the upcoming year
3.          Once all documents listed above are on file with the Sport Clubs Office a petition hearing will be scheduled with the Sport Clubs Alliance.
***All documents must be on file with the Sport Clubs Office at least 30 days prior to scheduled Alliance meeting. The Alliance meets twice a semester during the academic year. ***
For information on getting started, please contact the Sport Clubs Office at
(512) 245-1791.


Wait! We already have a number of "potential clubs" in the works. Please contact the Sports Club Office for more info!